Many of our guests regularly stay at Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and seek them out whenever they travel. But even those who routinely stay at B&Bs, there was a first time. For those who have never stayed at a B&B, I will try to explain the benefits of a B&B and why we excel at what we do. While every B&B is different, and we cannot speak for all B&Bs, we tend to share similar standards, values, and atmosphere. And for those who are familiar with B&Bs, don’t write this off as not being for you, because the Bridges Inn has its unique flavor of ambiance and atmosphere. (One of our guests found the inn so inviting that he made a painting of it.)

Painnting of the back (west) of the Bridges Inn by David Ignaszewski

As a B&B, the Bridges Inn at Whitcomb House has a food service license, a NH Meals & Rentals Tax license, we comply with applicable local, county, state, and federal regulations, and we are insured, which might set us apart from Airbnbs. The Bridges Inn first became a B&B in 1996 and it keeps evolving for the better – we have been learning and improving for over 15 years since we bought it in 2006.

A B&B merges the benefits of a hotel with the benefits of a home. Many of our guests tell us that the Bridges Inn feels like home. It’s more personalized than a hotel and the guest rooms are all uniquely furnished and appointed, just like home; there are no cookie-cutter rooms. Our rooms are comfortable, attractive, and have private bathrooms.

Coombs Bridge Room

We have the amenities that you’d expect when traveling, such as TVs, hair dryers, ironing board and iron, plenty of towels, soap, shampoo, self-serve coffee and tea 24/7, and WiFi. We have a computer and printer for those wanting to print their boarding passes or other documents.  Also, because the B&B is our home, we have items that people don’t tend to pack but might need when traveling such as scissors, Band-Aids, scotch tape, thread and needles, corkscrew, magnifying mirror, and distilled water.

Our guests like our environment, offering the benefits of home, unlike an Airbnb, where you might feel like you’re in the middle of a family’s living room or kitchen, but not institutional like a hotel. You can find the balance between privacy and opportunities to socialize with others. We have many common areas, where you can play board games, read, watch a movie, sit by the fire (seasonally) or enjoy the yard and gardens (seasonally) in our porch or gazebo (seen below).

Pink flowering bush with gazebo and inn

We are a family-run B&B, known for our hospitality. We can help you with your travels, but we are not intrusive – you have as much privacy as you want or need. Because we live on the premises, we are always available to assist you or answer questions, providing a friendly and warm atmosphere not available at hotels. We can help by making suggestions about activities that interest you from outdoor hikes and recreation to shopping and restaurants. We customize our recommendations to your specific interests and needs. We are here to serve. On our website, our “About the Area” page has an abundance of information about activities, restaurants, day trips, and other pertinent information about the area. The Thompson Covered Bridge can be seen from our front yard and five more covered bridges are within easy driving distance.

Ashuelot Covered Bridge - white bridge with red roof
Ashuelot Covered Bridge

Meeting other people is something that our guests enjoy. You might be joined at breakfast with people from Europe, Canada, Australia, or any of the states in the USA. People treasure the connections they make here, but for those who prefer a bit of space, we can seat you in a separate dining area or at a different time where guests don’t have to mingle with others. We used to schedule breakfast at a time when people can dine and socialize with other guests, but since the pandemic, we have been more cognizant of allowing people to eat separately.

We take guests’ dietary requirements and preferences into consideration. We serve a scrumptious, multi-course breakfast in the formal dining room on bone china with sterling silver and cloth tablecloth and napkins. We use many locally produced ingredients and products, such as local
maple syrup, locally roasted coffee, and in season, fresh herbs and vegetables from our own garden and locally grown produce. Breakfast fare is abundant. In addition to plenty of fresh fruit, we serve baked goods such as homemade bread, muffins, scones, fruit breads, apple crisp, pancakes or waffles; an egg dish; a breakfast meat, such as sausages or bacon; and often potatoes and/or vegetable accompaniments. Breakfasts are typically served family style with numerous options, so you can pick and choose, from options customized to your likes or restrictions.  

Breakfast table with china, floral centerpiece, and lots of food

At the Bridges Inn, you can come and go as you please. People sometimes ask if there are curfews. After you check in, you can schedule activities according to your needs, as you can gain access to the main entrance and have a key to your room. And if you want to leave before typical breakfast hours, we can usually make arrangements to accommodate you.

While a B&B is not for everyone, especially those who prefer the anonymity and seclusion of a hotel room, most of our guests tell us that they love it here, and many are repeat guests who come back year after year. If you haven’t yet stayed here, you might want to give us a try. Don’t just go on our word – see what our guests say about us. Below are a few samples of reviews.

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