Owning a house built in 1792 means that we continually make improvements, both inside and outside. We have updated the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems; we have replaced windows; done significant work on the slate roof; and landscaping. We have replaced ceilings, floors, walls, and wallpaper in various parts of the house, carefully striving to retain the antique character of the house.

Redecorating is one of the improvements that’s most fun for me. By redecorating, I am referring to the aesthetic side of things, such as wallpaper, new curtains, furniture, antiques, and the like. Recently, we succeeded in blending the new with the old by purchasing a set of four chairs– two with arms, two without — from Attic-Antiks, a local antique store. We had the chairs reupholstered by Debbie Does Divans with fabric that matches existing dining room drapes and chairs and also fits in with the color scheme in the living room.

The two chairs with arms (shown below) fit in our living room beautifully and are quite comfortable, too. When we have a large group at the dining room table, we use them to increase the seating.

“New” chairs in the living room in front of the 70-year-old Christmas cactus

We only had six dining room chairs and when we had more than six people at the dining room table, we used a variety of unmatching chairs. The chairs without arms are now part of our dining room (shown below).

Below are two of the six dining room chairs that Debbie Does Divans reupholstered a few years ago. The original and “new” chairs match so well. Debbie has reupholstered many beautiful pieces of furniture in the inn and we value her precision and skill.

Shown below is the dining room table, set for breakfast. The runner on the table is made from the same fabric as the chairs. The dishes were a set we bought at  Attic-Antiks a couple of years ago.


Dishes shown close up
Our guests appreciate the details and extra little touches that we put into the inn. And we appreciate doing business with local companies that we can rely on.
(Note that the fabric on the chairs and runners is from the same bolt of fabric. The lighting and time of day make the colors look very different in the photos.)