One of the things that our guests continually appreciate here at the Bridges Inn at Whitcomb House is the quality and variety of coffee and tea we have available.

Available 24/7 in our dining room (self-serve):
An assortment of Keurig K-cups and tea galore.

K-cups for our Keurig maker:
Regular coffee, varying strengths
Decaf and Half-Caf coffee
Flavored coffee (e.g., vanilla and hazelnut)
Chai Latte
Hot Chocolate

     A variety of tea selections and a hot-water heater (boils water fast):
         English breakfast tea
         Black and green tea
         Flavored black tea (e.g., peach and orange spice)
         Decaffeinated black and green tea and flavors, too
         Naturally caffeine-free fruit and herbal tea (e.g., lemon, chamomile, mint)

Served with breakfast, and well before:
Brewed coffee from fresh roasted coffee beans from Prime Roast in Keene. We normally brew Demon roast or Papua New Guinea medium roast, but we get other roasts and blends as well. We always have decaf available to brew, too.

Many of our B&B guests stop off at Prime Roast to get coffee, ground or beans, before they head for home.

We start by grinding beans and then brew each pot fresh each morning. And we brew as many pots as we need. We have Bridges Inn mugs as well as cups and saucers to match the china pattern we’re using that day. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to stay for breakfast, you can ask for your coffee to go.
We have sweeteners to fit most every palate (or diet): cane sugar (granulated, organic, raw/ turbinado, and cubes); Splenda, Equal, and Sweet ‘N Low (saccharin); Truvia (stevia); plus equivalents. We also have honey, which some tea-drinkers request.
We offer light cream, whole milk, and fat-free milk.
So if you’re a coffee or tea lover, we think we’ve got you covered here at the inn. And if you drink neither, maybe you’d like a cup of hot chocolate.