Our Accessibility Statement


The Bridges Inn at Whitcomb House is committed to making our website accessible to people with disabilities. Our goal is to give all users of all abilities the very best experience when using our website. We are testing the website using the Google Chrome Lighthouse accessibility test and AChecker tool website. We are also testing for keyboard only functionality so that people who use screen readers or are unable to use a mouse can navigate our website efficiently.

We are aware that currently, our reservation system does not meet the AA standards of WCAG 2.0. This is something we will continue to address with our reservation software company so that it too will be accessible to people with disabilities in the future.

If you find you are having difficulty determining availability or booking an accommodation via our online reservation system, please contact us at the e-mail or phone links below and we will be happy to assist you directly.

As we continue to improve our website functionality, we welcome users to share accessibility issues you may find. We appreciate your concerns, feedback and suggestions.

Susan Karalekas, Innkeeper

Phone: (603) 357-6624

email: innkeeper@bridgesinn.net


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27 Main Street, Swanzey, New Hampshire 03446


(603) 357-6624